You are an Imperial Dragon Knight, leader of a mighty band of adventurers. It is your task to protect the realm from the fierce monsters, evil artifacts, and myriad villains that threaten it's existence. Before you stand the greatest challenges you have ever faced; behind you stand your allies; the fearless warriors and mighty wizards you have brought together and trained to aid you in your purpose.

Dungeon Tactics is a skirmish role playing game (SRPG) featuring retro graphics and unique gameplay mechanics. It is free and open source, download it, play it, mod it, share it with your friends!


Dungeon Tactics version 1.6 now available! This release refines and enhances the core SRPG combat mechanics at the heart of Dungeon Tactics. The main feature in this new patch is a major overhaul of the action system. Units now have more options what they can do during their activations; they can now move and attack, attack and move, attack twice, or move twice. Now matches literally happen twice as fast; units enter battle twice as fast and once the battle has been joined, the combat itself is over twice as fast. This change alone dramatically streamlines gameplay, but combined with the other enhancements included in version 1.6, like status effects, dozens of new skills and abilities, state information icons, hotkeys, new monsters, monster special attacks and more... it really takes Dungeon Tactics to an exciting new level.

Play it for free right now and see for yourself!



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